tactical service delivery 

Business Expansion

I help you to further expand your existing business by thinking and acting together "out-of-the-box" while not neglecting your core business. We achieve customer loyalty and more business with your existing portfolio by creating additional products and services for your clients.

I deliver the corresponding business plan and then I implement this plan together with you into reality, until it runs!

Innovation and Problem solving

As the person responsible for innovation management and new products, I have set up and established the innovation processes in large and small companies in over 24 countries during my career in such a way that it is possible in just a few steps and in a very structured manner to move from the idea to the new service for your customers and thus create added value for all.

How do I do that? Quite simply: I love problems. Because a problem is a situation preventing something from being achieved. As soon as I see a problem as an opportunity for improvement, I've almost made it halfway to the solution.

Then, I simplify, technify, filter out the unnecessary and then I focus on positive "what if...?" questions. Sounds simple, and IS simple; and it constantly results in innovative solutions delivery and business growth.

I will be happy to assist you in solving your business problems and expanding your activities.

In this video Mona Patel explains how you can look at problems in a completely different way within a few minutes: