operational sales transformation

Conversion of 'Sales' to 'Sustainable Business Development'

I help you to build up and expand your sales organization in such a way that you can concentrate on your own tasks.

For me, it's not just a question of which distribution channels you want to develop, whether indirect or direct. Rather, I talk about which co-creators (not customers) you want to get together for long-term development. I do not speak about the "ideal customers", I speak about the "ideal partners".

Who would you like to cooperate with in the future (not persuade)? What are your right partners (not target groups)? And what is your delivery (not promise) to them?

As a sales specialist, I have expanded existing sales structures within B2B and B2C in numerous countries in such a way that growth of the company was possible. But as a Business Development Manager I created sustainable growth in both qualitative and quantitative ways. I'd be happy to show you how.

Training and Coaching

I train and accompany your sales team and transform them into a methodically working business management team. I establish practical workshops with the aim to build a business development funnel and a clear 'hunter / farmer' principle organisation. Together with your teams I promptly put any theory in action for having immediate positive impact on your customer portfolio and on your revenue results.

I look forward to accompanying you on the path of transformation of (old) sales into (new) co-operational business development.

In this video, Regis Lemmens explains the way how to 'sell' in a modern, sustainable way: