Hypnotherapy for a better Life

As a Lic. Master and certified SOL Hypnotherapist® I am guiding and teaching potential psycho-energetic hypnosis-processes for both private and corporate customers.

This work based on quantum physics and subtle energy management enables a direct, verbal communication with people's unconscious mind with the aim to solve unconscious blockages, to initiate mental and physical self-healing processes, to recognize life perspectives and to set up mentally pre-defined positive suggestions.

How does the SOL Hypnosis® process work?

During the SOL hypnosis® session, a certain depth of trance is achieved. In this trance, you are fully awake, but the otherwise so dominant consciousness fades into the background and your unconscious mind becomes accessible.

You are invited to experience your own unlimited possibilities with your own resources that can be released if the following criteria are met: 1) you want to perform the hypnosis out of your own free will, 2) you trust the hypnotist's guiding and 3) you achieve a minimum level of trance deepness.


Through a hypnotic process, a predetermined situation of inner depth is experienced. This procedure allows a deep trance and makes it possible to move energetically through the dimension of time and space (so-called 'regression'). This experienced situation will then be worked up during the hypnosis in direct dialogue with the unconscious mind. Healing and burdens of any kind can now be resolved.


Preliminary questionnaire and preparation-discussion, determination of personal goals, SOL Hypnosis® including regression and work-up as well as anchoring of positive affirmations and well-being experience.

duration: approx. 1/2 day

price*: 840 US$

Positive affirmations setup

Through a hypnotic process, a medium depth of trance will be approached. This level of trance allows to setup and to anchor predefined positive affirmations during the hypnosis with direct dialogue with the unconscious mind. These affirmations are meticulously prepared and discussed in detail with the client before starting the hypnosis.


Determination of positive affirmations for personal goals, SOL Hypnosis® including anchoring of positive affirmations and well-being experience.

duration: approx. 2 hours

price*: 280 US$


Through a hypnotic process, a light to medium depth of trance will be approached. This level of trance allows getting energetically to a previously defined (mental) destination, where positive senses will be re-experienced for well being.


Preliminary discussion for preparation of personal positive experience processing, SOL hypnosis® including well-being experience.

approx. 1 hour

price*: 150 US$

(* excl. travelling exp. / prices are subject to change without notice)

The minimum age for the hypnosis is 6 years. A guarantee for hypnosis deepness can't be given. However, should no trance be achieved during the hypnosis for whatever reason, the treatment costs will be fully reimbursed or a second hypnosis procedure will be provided free of charge. Payment by installments available upon request.

Preliminary discussion and questionnaire:

Every person is different and therefore every hypnosis is different. The prerequisite for successful hypnosis is a deep mutual trust between the client and the therapist. And in order to build up exactly this mutual trust and to jointly determine the goals for hypnosis, a preliminary conversation takes place, which can sometimes last 2 or 3 hours or even longer.

The client is asked to prepare for this interview by filling out a questionnaire for himself in advance and then bringing it to the appointment. This questionnaire can be downloaded here on the following link:

 Download here the questionaire


Everything and all is connected energetically. With that mindfulness, I create for others and for myself optimal conditions for a healthy, fulfilling and multifaceted life in private and professional terms.

In awareness that every human being is allowed to live his life according to his own free will and wishes, my Life'n Business - Values of Respect and Love for everybody is paramount and stands above all.


The goal is to allow as many people on this planet as possible to access to the SOL hypnosis® and thereby live a healthy and fulfilling life. Are you interested in learning the SOL hypnosis® yourself? Then please send your request via email to stephan.beck@sbcompetence.com. Learning seminars are regularly organized with dedicated programs for relevant trainings and certification for the SOL hypnosis®.

Helping others in Life'n Business

I was invited by the TV studio 'InsideMind' for an interview to talk about my life experience and how it came that I went back to school and graduated in the field of subtle energy management.

I would like to share this interview with you in which I speak about one of the most important milestones in my life that I have experienced.

Quantum physics has taught us; we humans consist of 99% quantum energy that builds everything. That's why it's also called 'universal energy'. Today we know that our thoughts, words and feelings constantly influence this energy, whether we want it or not, whether in Life or business.

Happiness, joy, success, but also diseases, failure and fears are in direct connection with this energy that is everything. Everything what is and what we experience arises and consists of this universal energy. And with this energy we can come into direct contact, even in direct dialogue to finally dissolve and transform burdens.

As a licensed master and graduate hypnotist in the field of subtle energy management, today I conduct dialogues with the unconscious mind of other people from different cultures and languages. No matter where they all come from, they all have one thing in common: this work opens up unlimited perspectives for life and business, for energetic liberation and above all perfect health for body, mind and soul.

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