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In dialogue with the subconscious.

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Everything is made up of frequencies and vibrations, and you are the instrument that plays the music. So why should you allow yourself to be instrumentalized instead of playing your own song, consciously?

Empower yourself. No one can know better what you need and what is good for you than you. The word "self-response" says it: the answer lies in the Self.

But what is this "Self?" When you are aware of yourself, you become self-aware and become aware of your abilities, your "Higher Self" again.

You are not your body, you HAVE a body. You are not your thoughts, you HAVE thoughts. We are neither what we see in the mirror nor what we think. We are PURE CONSCIOUSNESS.

In order to become aware again of what is hidden in the subconscious, we conduct a dialogue with the subconscious in the so-called Theta-State (= deep relaxation state or also called hypnotic trance).

Thanks to this dialogue in Theta-State, our clients become aware of themselves again and are able to lead a fully independent, healthy and fulfilled life again.

OUr success warranty

We cannot guarantee the success of SOL-Hypnosis® in advance, because every human being is different and thus every hypnosis is different. Therefore, WE CHARGE THE INCURRED COSTS ONLY IN CASE OF SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION.

HERE you can Download our Procedure Description.



As everything is stored in the subconscious, in a hypnotic trance (called THETA State) we can ask your subconscious what is the cause of your physical and/or mental burden, called Regression. Then we can ask the subconscious mind to release and heal these burdens - called Re-Conditioning.

The therapy, which lasts about half a day, requires that we determine together carefully YOUR PERSONAL GOALS of the therapy in a preliminary conversation. This happens on the basis of very specific questions. You can download the questionnaire here and fill it out before your appointment with us.

HERE you can Download the Questionnaire for SOL-Hypnosis® Therapy.

LIve-online worldwide

LIVE-ONLINE hypnosis takes place in a "half-sitting, half-lying position". Your upper body, or at least your face, must be visible through the camera so that our therapist can perceive all movements during the entire hypnosis session and understand you well acoustically through the microphone. All details about LIVE-ONLINE Hypnosis, which you can do with us in the comfort of your own home (worldwide; english, french, german spoken), can be found here on the Preparation-Information sheet (Best Practice).

HERE you can Download the Best Practice Info for LIVE ONLINE Hypnosis.

training center

"Knowing is not doing. Doing isn't being able to do. And to be able is not yet to Be".

Therefore, in a pleasant and calm atmosphere, we not only transmit knowledge and wisdom to increase consciousness, but we always combine practice with knowledge. Every human being is different and so every group seminar is different. And because we address each individual in the seminar, we always achieve our goals, the goals of each individual and also those of the entire seminar group. The detailed description of the individual seminar modules are described hereafter.

HERE you can Download the Description of our Seminar & Training Modules.


When the subconscious mind speaks

In the expanded state of consciousness of a deep, hypnotic trance, Manfred experiences direct contact with his subconscious. A true story told in novel form, written in a fascinating and deeply moving way.

Available in German HERE and for English please order via Email HERE.

Healing through SOL-Hypnosis®

Despite all the advances in medicine, the fact remains that ultimately only the body can heal itself. We all have an inner doctor that we can activate at any time. This can be helped by a method whose effectiveness is no longer questioned by experts: The SOL-Hypnosis®.

Available in German from the book publisher by clicking HERE.


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