Business development

Transforming your challenge into an opportunity to improve for the better.

As an independent management consultant, certified international business developer and service provider, my handling is always goal-oriented and focused on methodical transformation of any business situation into an opportunity to improve for the better. 

I am turning theory into effective practice with particular competences in the field of sustainable business development, including but not limited to:



Set-up, evaluation and execution of professional and practice-oriented business models and plans incl. financial and risk assessments, helping you to manage bumps on your business road and succeed your goals.




Service delivery

Additional business generating by new and innovative products and services development and implementation for your business extension and core-business empowering.




Sales transformation

Co-creating, not selling.
Collaboration, not persuasion.
Partners, not targets.
Delivery, not promise.

Transforming your Sales Department into a sustainable Business Development.



Whether it's for your small-, middle- or large-sized enterprise, start-up or established large corporate: high adaptability and appropriate acting is my strength, providing you with tailor-made business-solutions. Whether it's a short, medium or longterm mission, any type of service-delivery results in improvement.

Some examples of key achievements:

  • "Built legal and financial requirements and established new company startups in aviation, real estate, tourism and B2C trading sectors which today all operate sustainably."

  • "20% increase of business volume in automotive second-hand sector through the design and setup of a new B2B-sales solution implemented within 12 months."

  • "50% increase of the customers' portfolio thanks to acquisition of new additional large customers within 18 months."

  • "Implementation of a strategy and organization for new products in Electric Vehicles segment and Telematics services with value-added result in 24 countries within 20 months."

  • "30% increase of the benefits of second-hand business within 16 months by creating additional sales channels."

  • "12% improvement of the customer satisfaction index within 10 months by implementing a new customer complaint process."

  • "Five-fold increase of turnover and net financial results of the entire company within 5 years."

  • "New profitable financial service for wholesale and retail business built from scratch within 24 months with an annual turnover of 12 million US$."

  • "Doubling of new B2B generation throughout additional customer segment within 12 months."

How can I help YOU?


Winner of the international Innovation Award 2013 throughout the implementation of a new personalized and customized leasing-contract adjustment technology.

Stephan Beck